CAGLA 2023 Bill Signing Ceremony

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CAGLA 2023 Bill Signing Ceremony

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana — Last week our CAGLA Team attended a bill signing ceremony with Governor Jon Bel Edwards in Baton Rouge at the State Capitol. The three CAGLA bills signed at this ceremony by Governor Edwards were 1) HB 435 – CAR-T Bill by Rep. Aimee Freeman, 2) SB 200 Cancer Screening Bill by Sen. Royce Duplessis, and 3) HB 578 Smoking Cessation Bill by Rep. Cedric Glover.

“The Cancer Advocacy Group of Louisiana would like to thank Governor Edwards, Rep. Aimee Freeman, Sen. Royce Duplesis, and Rep. Cedric Glover for their unwavering support of our organization and of Louisiana’s cancer patients,” Chad Landry (President and Executive Director of CAGLA) said. “At CAGLA, we are proud to state that we have a 100% success rate — every bill we have supported has passed. Our impressive track record underscores our unwavering commitment to enhancing cancer care here in Louisiana. It is a testament to our passion, dedication, and the tangible change we are driving in the healthcare landscape.”

CAGLA’s mission is to advocate for legislation and administration regulations in the State of Louisiana that promote, support, and facilitate cancer research and education, as well as the well- being and care of cancer patients, survivors, and their families. We assert that exceptional cancer care is a universal right for all patients.

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