October - 1978

40 years ago cancer came into our lives.

The Mauti Cancer Fund is a unique organization made up of 100% volunteers (no administrative costs) dedicated to fighting cancer.

our story

In October of 1978, I learned that my father had been diagnosed with lung cancer. It took his life and my heart on November 16, 1979.

Our goal is to continue to develop partnerships with local cancer institutions in a concerted effort to provide cancer awareness, education, screenings and individual needs support to our local cancer community. We believe early detection is our best chance to fight this dreaded disease.
our Mission

Educating the public on cancer prevention, detection and treatment

  • Providing service to the community by addressing areas of need, and initiating programs to address those needs
  • Forming strategic alliances with other cancer-fighting organizations
  • Utilizing all the funds raised to advance the fight against cancer.
Michael Mauti's story

NFL Player Opens Up About His Struggle with Chronic Pain and Anxiety: "This Treatment Saved My Life"

In many ways, Michael Mauti’s story seems like the typical trajectory for a talented professional athlete. A star high school football player who became a co-captain and All-American for Penn State University. Mauti joined the Minnesota Vikings for two seasons before going home to play for his beloved New Orleans Saints in 2015.

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Let's Fight Together!

All proceeds generated from our events and donations are dedicated to our local cancer community needs. There are no administration fees or salaries paid from the generated funds. We are a 100% volunteer organization with no administrative costs.