The Rich Mauti Cancer Fund is a unique organization made up of 100% volunteers (no administrative costs) dedicated to fighting cancer. Our vision for the future is a totally and unconditionally committed organization recognized as:

  • A leader in the fight against cancer in our community
  • Educating the public by establishing worthwhile and beneficial programs
  • Providing real help to individuals in need

Our Mission

The Mission of the Rich Mauti Cancer Fund is to fight cancer by:

  • Educating the public on cancer prevention, detection and treatment
  • Providing service to the community by addressing areas of need, and initiating programs to address those needs
  • Forming strategic alliances with other cancer-fighting organizations
  • Utilizing all the funds raised to advance the fight against cancer.

Our Core Values

The Rich Mauti Cancer Fund’s Core Values reflect an Organization of Volunteers dedicated to the fight against cancer. These core values place the highest regard on respect and compassion for cancer patients, their families, our benefactors and our volunteers.

We believe in:

  • Integrity: Fighting cancer with sincere volunteers who are unconditionally committed
  • Compassion: Showing kindness and consideration for those we serve
  • Professionalism: Characterized by objectivity, fairness, creativity and pride
  • Dedication: Committed, persistent and loyal to our cause